Digital Equity Plan

A Plan for Durham

Digital equity is a condition in which all individuals and communities have the information technology capacity needed for full participation in our society, democracy and economy. Digital Equity is necessary for civic and cultural participation, employment, lifelong learning, and access to essential services.

Guiding Principle

Bridge the digital divide for all people in the city and county of Durham, NC


All people who live, work, and socialize in the city and county of Durham, NC have access to digital skills training and technology to support their goals.

Expand Broadband

Expand Broadband access and adoption

  • Make data regarding existing Broadband infrastructure available and accessible
  • Increase the areas that have Broadband connectivity
  • Increase adoption of Broadband through outreach
  • Advocate for policies that will increase Broadband infrastructure, access, and adoption

Internet Enabled Devices

Increase the number of people who have a device that allows them to participate fully online

  • Increase the community’s opportunity for free or low-cost devices
  • Expand device ownership in the community
  • Provide support for computer devices

Digital Literacy and Training

Increase digital knowledge and skills among all groups in the community to encourage lifelong learning

  • Develop an adaptive framework for digital skills and literacy continuum
  • Increase access to digital learning opportunities
  • Provide ongoing support and infrastructure for digital learning

Implement and Assess

Implement and assess the outcomes of the Digital Equity Plan

  • Implement operational structures for the plan
  • Develop assessment mechanisms for the plan
  • Secure funding for implementing the plan
  • Promote partner collaborations and accomplishments

History of Digital Equity Plan

Digital Durham convened a Digital Equity Plan Working Group in the late summer of 2020 to assess the digital divide in Durham and develop a comprehensive digital equity plan for the city and county. The group includes representatives from the following organizations:

City of Durham
Community Workshop Series
Duke University
Durham Literacy Center
Durham Public Schools

Durham Tech
Kramden Institute
NC Central University
Triangle Ecycling
The Triangle Nonprofit & Volunteer Leaderhship Center


The highlights of our work to scope the problem and identify solutions so far include:

  • Receiving a BAND NC grant
  • Meeting with City of Detroit Director of Digital Inclusion
  • Completing inventory of digital equity resources and gaps
  • Holding 7 online focus groups
  • Surveying 300 residents in English and Spanish using online and in-person instruments
  • Finalizing vision, mission, and values for the plan
  • Developing a draft plan, including four goals with measurable objectives
Adult with glasses and child looking a computer together

Community Input

Over 300 community members contributed to the work through focus groups and surveys. Community input and the involvement of a broad coalition is critical in the development of a plan to bridge the digital divide for all people in the city and county of Durham. Digital equity and inclusion is about economic development, access to healthcare, and improved educational outcomes. The plan will address broadband access and adoption, device ownership, digital skills, and collaboration between private and public entities to increase digital equity in Durham.

Community respondants…

  • Agree that everyone should have internet access in their home and a device that allows them to participate online – 95%
  • Believe it is important to track Durham’s progress on issues of digital equity and inclusion – 90%

Read our reports to learn more about the processes and results: